Saturday, October 31, 2015

Edward Scissorhands Recut Trailer

“Edward Scissorhands” was always one of my favorite films, that’s why I decided to make this recut trailer. I wanted the challenge to see if I could edit this movie of Tim Burton and make it the opposite of his idea, no humanity, a horror recut trailer. My intention is to make a friendly character, evil and distractive.

     Tim Burton who has always intrigued me with his outcast’s characters making them frightening but at the same time sympathetic because of their desire to fit in and not be evil at heart. The viewer feels sorry and shows understanding for these creepy characters, therefore his message gets across to his viewers, he makes the audience realize that different can be accepted in our society.
Tim Burton is fascinated by what is weird, he creates characters making them comical and combines them together.

    My story starts with a Christmas scene watching a man singing a Christmas song on the roof of his house. I chose this because in my research of Scissorhands recut trailers, no one else took advantage of the Christmas scenes which the film had.
Near the end I finished my recut trailer with a woman playing a Christmas carol on her piano. The original sound in this part was removed and I added a Christmas song.
(jingle bells)         

      The music I chose to add in my trailer is from the film Prometheus, it gave me a terrifying sensation. It clarifies the plot I wanted to achieve. The viewer is hypnotized into the world of the trailer he is watching and makes him have the desire to see all the film.


         On my behalf there is no message to take in ( like Tim Burton) . I am manipulating his idea trying to show what looks evil is evil. There is no in between, what is not normal and beautiful is wicked and not excepted to society.

       Edward Scissorhands was created in a castle with scissors for hands, he cannot touch but he can mutilate you, grief has turned into hate. Hate for himself, he despises everyone in the simple suburbia town, he kills his creator. He goes into the village and takes advantage of the kind town’s people, even the girl he desires he knows she will never be attracted to him. It’s unacceptable to him if he cannot have her no one can. That’s why he takes revenge on everyone.

     Something I would have changed in my recut trailer is to find a way to make Edward look more unlikable. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015