Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to cook Kytherian crab spaghetti

 This project filmed on the Gold Coast in Australia by Antony Condoleon, David Mahan and Mark Brown.

I chose to do this recipe because it reminds me
from a very young age on my summer holidays on Kythira Island when I would go for crab fishing with my father.

In Greece the crabs are very small than the Australian crabs that’s why we catch them with our hands. In this film I will try to show you the Greek procedure through few easy steps.


1 crab
1 packet of spaghetti
1/2 cup of olive oil
1 chopped onion
a jar of tomato sauce
salt and pepper
grated cheese
small glass of wine (optional)

How to catch the Crab

Get the tins of sardines and poke holes in the top with a knife, and crack the seal just a bit to let more of the oils out.
The oil is what the crab will smell and that leads it to the pot.
Put at least 2 tins of sardines in the pouch of the crab pot and
make sure a long piece of rope is connected to your crab pot at one end and the other end connected to a rock or something stable then chuck it in the water.

(Then wait at least 5 hours or overnight).

We were waiting until the next day morning in order to check if we caught anything. Lucky for us we did catch a crab.
Be careful how you hold the Crab because it has big claws. So  make sure you pick up the crab from behind, just in front of the 2 back legs.

    How to cook the Crab

1.  Because the crabs in Australia are huge we first boil the crab for approximately 20 minutes.
       2.   At the same time we are heating in a saucepan small pieces of cut onions With a ½ a cup of olive oil
 3.   When the onions are starting to fry we are adding the crab in the pot.
 4.   When the crab turns a orange color we will add a glass of tomato sauce
 5.   After we boiled the spaghetti for 10 minutes we put it in the pot with the crab and we add some water .
 6.   We stir the spaghetti so it won’t stick together and we add a pinch of pepper and salt. The secret is to add more pepper so it can be spice.
 7.   We make sure that the spaghetti has sucked up the sauce.
 8.   The success for this dish is the smell of the spaghetti which is taken from the crab.
 We take the crab out on to a dish with the spaghetti.We scoop out the white crab meat and we eat it. 

The fun is to smash the shells with a nutcracker and join the meal with your friends. 


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