Saturday, June 21, 2014

All about love

After watching some of the answers to Life’s Big Questions for the question of ‘What is Love?’ I was inspired to share my take on what love is.
Certainly we couldn't exist without love, it’s wonderful to love and be loved.
Love, a four letter word with a strong meaning.
It comes from within us an emotion so great so divine so complete.
When we are born, a mother's love shows how important it is for her newborn to grow into a person who will continue in a righteous and warm way.
An infant's love is unconditional.
It's so important to love and be loved, a hunger which comes from our soul it needs to be shared. A feeling which rises you to the heavens without it we are half a person.
We love our family, our friends, our country, our lover, our pets, and there are so many definitions to how we love each one.
How we express ourselves to each kind of love, how different our emotions are shared and expressed with each person. Every kind of love is needed to make us complete as a human been. It gives as the ability to create to be inspired.
Love is the balance for human nature, the circle of living, our oxygen, it's a recycling of ourselves through generations, we get all of this with being in love and been loved.
So many movies, novels, poems and songs that have been written on the greatest theme, love.
A cure for the soul. Our insides ache when our love is lost or ignored.
An invisible weapon which can hurt break our spirit. We become strong daring, we like who we are or we try to become a better person we might not be able to control ourselves at some period in our life.
When we go through emotions, hormones start to dance our adrenaline tangos our blood starts to flow rapidly through our vein, the rhythm of the heart beats quickly, our brain our body becomes alert, decisions are made that change our life, our actions become spontaneous and we are motivated we become active possessive or protective whether it’s the tenderness of innocent love, the awakening of puppy love, the adventures of adolescences love, the maturity of a productive love or the suspense of a secret love.
It all adds up to one equation LOVE.
Loving memories which have built up during the years, keep us company when we are lonely.
The phrase ‘I love you’ in so many languages, te amo (Spanish),  gia habibi (Arabic), je t'aime (French) sagapo (Greek), so simple, so complex.
It’s the same natural feeling for everyone throughout the world no matter what colour, race or culture.

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