Saturday, June 21, 2014

All about love

After watching some of the answers to Life’s Big Questions for the question of ‘What is Love?’ I was inspired to share my take on what love is.
Certainly we couldn't exist without love, it’s wonderful to love and be loved.
Love, a four letter word with a strong meaning.
It comes from within us an emotion so great so divine so complete.
When we are born, a mother's love shows how important it is for her newborn to grow into a person who will continue in a righteous and warm way.
An infant's love is unconditional.
It's so important to love and be loved, a hunger which comes from our soul it needs to be shared. A feeling which rises you to the heavens without it we are half a person.
We love our family, our friends, our country, our lover, our pets, and there are so many definitions to how we love each one.
How we express ourselves to each kind of love, how different our emotions are shared and expressed with each person. Every kind of love is needed to make us complete as a human been. It gives as the ability to create to be inspired.
Love is the balance for human nature, the circle of living, our oxygen, it's a recycling of ourselves through generations, we get all of this with being in love and been loved.
So many movies, novels, poems and songs that have been written on the greatest theme, love.
A cure for the soul. Our insides ache when our love is lost or ignored.
An invisible weapon which can hurt break our spirit. We become strong daring, we like who we are or we try to become a better person we might not be able to control ourselves at some period in our life.
When we go through emotions, hormones start to dance our adrenaline tangos our blood starts to flow rapidly through our vein, the rhythm of the heart beats quickly, our brain our body becomes alert, decisions are made that change our life, our actions become spontaneous and we are motivated we become active possessive or protective whether it’s the tenderness of innocent love, the awakening of puppy love, the adventures of adolescences love, the maturity of a productive love or the suspense of a secret love.
It all adds up to one equation LOVE.
Loving memories which have built up during the years, keep us company when we are lonely.
The phrase ‘I love you’ in so many languages, te amo (Spanish),  gia habibi (Arabic), je t'aime (French) sagapo (Greek), so simple, so complex.
It’s the same natural feeling for everyone throughout the world no matter what colour, race or culture.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

life’s big questions

Gold Coast resident interviews

Residents of Helensvale on the Gold Coast answered some of life’s big questions
I paired up with a friend of mine from Tafe, David Mahan, and we asked people what
Is the best thing about their community? Is it ever ok to lie?

What does the phrase “a fair go” mean to them?

a baby white lie

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Japanese students shots in Australia

Antony Condoleon Photography

Thursday, June 12, 2014

                                A Dedication To My Dog Hera

To my best friend       

 I want to share my feelings and story of my dog Hera. My proud beautiful red setter for 13 years kept me company. There was a time in my life the emptiness I felt was unbearable. When I first met Hera, she was a longed eared frightened puppy. So quiet and unprotected after parting ways from her mother. She sat in a corner without making any kind of noise like other little puppies. It was like she was checking out my reactions towards her wondering if I will accept her into my family. Will I treat her kindly? At the time I didn’t realize this, only as time passed I saw how smart she was.

I never wanted a pet in the house. I always believed you have to have a special place like a yard with a dog house. What you need is a special place in your heart to open up and see that you have a new member in the family to look after but really she looked after me.

Our walks together gave me a reason to get out of the house, motivating me to be more active.

Watching her gallop and race around with her soft red furry hair flowing in the wind was breathtaking.

It was like she always had a big smile on her face. She loved to go swimming we would lay on the beach for hours. She would bark when it was too hot, letting me know it was time for another swim. What a show she was.               
The years would pass, my loneliness was shared with my best friend. She made me happy. She could understand my moods. If I was in a bad mood she would keep her distance, when I cried she’d put her paw on my lap. If I held my face in the palm of my hands to stop the tears and the sadness I  felt at sometimes in my life she’d push her wet nose into my face and push my hands away.

I don’t know how but when I would look into her eyes as she turned her head side to side slightly crying with me, she would make me come to my senses and I would forget everything bad. Her aura was so positive it’d snap out of my depression. I’d take my bike and ride to the beach always being accompanied by my best friend. She’d bark and jump around,  it pleased her so much. I never had to tie her up she knew to stay put and always stayed by my side. She knew not to annoy anyone or bite anyone or any other animal she was so well behaved. Sometimes I think she thought she was a person the way she sat in the car and looked out the window with her mouth open, enjoying the wind blowing into her face. She sat up right in the back seat so proud people passing by noticed and admired her. What a beauty she was my beautiful friend. My Hera. So many things to remember a journey we went through, good and bad so many stories to tell, so many emotions.

I gained her trust, she dedicated her friendship, never leaving my side, never disappointing me. Even when she became ill and didn't have the strength to go on she’d look at me in a way to comfort me and tell me not to worry. I held her on my lap in my arms, she knew her time had come.  She tilted her head upwards, looking into my eyes, pouring tears. I patted her gently, whispering her name over and over again, her paw rose slightly like a wave goodbye and like a gust of wind her last breath of life flew away.

In those sad moments I thought how lucky I was to have had her in my life in some kind of way, I got better acquainted with myself. How calm she looks, not frightened. I guess she accepted her end. It made me think that every living thing has an end and this was her time. My beautiful friend goodbye and thank you for making me realize how wonderful little things in life can be. I will never forget you.